Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday !!

22.6.2009 (Mon) We went to celebrate our my Ex- housemate's birthday lolx~ What a wonderful event~ She leave from our rented house since 3 months ago, for what reason?? according to her words...she said that wants to find anothers life target....(sounds is like that..NOt sure,haha!) Then we all went to one of the steambot restaurant at Kampar (Just open recently). All the ingredients is selfserve (take as much as you can, eat until your stomach burst -.-) If not mistaken is RM22 per adult. Because of class end late, so when i reach there already under eating=.=. Seems like they start to eating 2nd round. They grab a lots of prawn=.=....i never eat such huge numbers of prawn in one night=.= feel a bit "ZAI". One thing i dont like is the babi meat ball.....super salty! and one more thing looks like bit invisible and white....that one im not sure tauke put how many KG salt on it=.= when the juice explode, my tongue strainght paralyze...After that 美女厨房Kampar version is on view~heee~3 of our represent Beauty suddenly pop out an idea of Mee Goreng =.=. Go to take more ingredients play mee goreng. When goreng processing, restaurant's uncle giving a special sign & looks at the "Goreng Girl". He said:" Our restaurant got mee goreng & Nasi goreng wa~" (i dont know explain how "cold" on that situation=.=") But im very admire our Beauty! You're the best! XD. Finally comes to the end, everyone is totally full=.= (Some food has been destroy and hiding by us, cause waste food will be extra charge..shh..XD) but dont forget...Birthday cake havent eat....lolx~ However, we take our last breath to finish the cake=.=" This was a "Full" unforgettable celebrating. Happy Birhtday Phooi Teck!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blog maintainence~~

Due to i have no time to manage this blog~too lousy inside here~so im now announce that my blog will close for now onwards~under maintainence~

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